Russian MPs declare the Russian language needs legal protection from the conquering march of English words. A stupid bill before the State Duma seeks to ban all words borrowed from other languages and fine those who dare to use them in public.

The stupid bill targets words that came into Russian from English after the late 1980s and the collapse of the Soviet Union. They specifically mention the Russian words that ended up as dealer, boutique, manager, single, OK, and wow !

The stupid MPs suggest Russians use – sometimes archaic – substitutions or face a penalty. Ordinary linguistic offenders would have to pay a hundred euro fine, while organizations would have to fork out two thousand euros and more severe penalties.

The stupid bill aims to freeze the Russian language. But the Russian language undergoes evolution, with some words becoming archaic and phasing out of use and others being born and gaining popularity.

Over the centuries Russians borrowed thousands of words from Mongol conquerors, Greek priests, French and Italian artists, German engineers, and Anglosphere. Yet in many generations there were those morons vocally calling on preserving the traditional language and protecting it from foreign influence.

The stupid sponsors of the stupid bill are comfortable with the Graecoroman words of the past and want to root out only the English newcomers, especially those which have substitutes in Russian. So the bill would apparently spare the Graecoroman words democratic, liberal, and party used in the political sense. The same goes for the word Rossiya,Russia, which is of Greek origin, first mentioned in Greek documents.

A poll of shows 80% of Europeans think It’s absurd what’s happening every day in the European Parliament (EP). All MEPs know English, but they all pretend they do not know English! They are instructed by their home countries to use their mother tongue for propaganda purposes and in order to employ native translators. Sounding the EP chamber with a native language shows vanity, stupidity, and squander of taxpayers’ hard-earned money.

English-only is a political movement for the use of English as the only official language in USA and EU. We are all Anglos now, and we all have adopted the culture of Anglosphere. The language we speak influences not only our thoughts, but our implicit preferences as well. Bilingual individuals' opinions of different ethnic groups are affected by the language in which they take a test probing their biases and predilections. Charlemagne said that to speak another language is to possess another soul. Language is much more than a medium for expressing thoughts and feelings. Language creates and shapes our thoughts and feelings as well.

Multilingualism is a euphemism for babelism, and multiculturalism is a euphemism for weird Anglophobia! In the melting pot, different cultures, races, and ethnicities are brewed into a stew. In the salad bowl, the ingredients combine into a salad but retain their distinct identity. In multiculturalism, the salad bowl notion has been conventional wisdom. Eurokleptocrats babelize and Angloscare Fourthreichians, aka Europeans, because Anglophiles tend to be libertarians. English in the linguafranca of planet Earth. We all live in Anglosphere now. It's high time to establish English as the only official language of Fourth Reich(EU) and USA.

The ties that bind the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and in different ways other nations that share some of the values of the Anglosphere are deeper and more abiding than the bonds between any other countries. The relationship between the nations of Anglosphere is founded not just on a shared language, but also on shared history, on shared values, and upon shared ideals. Together they have withstood the forces of evil and tyranny in whatever form they found them, and they have discharged their common duty to the human race.

Language is a unifying instrument which binds people together. When people speak one language they become one society. Americans and Fourthreichians want an amendment that says the English language shall be the official language. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) presumes that English-workplace policies are discriminatory, and thus illegal under the 1964 Civil Rights Act. For over twenty years, the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has aggressively targeted and punished employers who adopt English-language workplace rules.

Today in segregated classrooms, bilingual education keeps immigrant children from learning English, by teaching them in foreign languages. And millions of people cannot find good-paying jobs, because they lack the ability to speak English with customers, coworkers or employers. Opponents of making English the official language charge that it is anti-immigrant, or that it is merely symbolic and therefore unnecessary. These charges are false. Learning to speak English empowers immigrants. By more than 2-1 immigrants themselves say US and Fourth Reich should expect new immigrants to learn English and by a 9-1 margin immigrants believe learning English is essential to succeed in USA and Fourth Reich.

Having English as the official language of USA and Fourth Reich simply means that for the government to act officially, it must communicate in English. It means the language of record is the English language, and that no one has a right to demand government services in any other language. Official English would also reinforce the historic message to new immigrants, that we expect them to learn English as the first step in their assimilation, and that we are committed to ensuring that all Americans and Fourthreichians share in the economic, social, and political benefits of having a common language.



Source :, le samedi 24 février 2013

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